Summer has bitten farewell,
let us face it

Performative dinner
with Marente Van der Valk
in Marble House, Vermont, US
Photo/video Céline Pelcé

Created and performed during a residency at Marble House Project, Vermont, US, this experience invites you to mourn for the end of the summer and prepare to enter the winter season. The dinner is thought of as a series of rituals to be activated individually for some and collectively for others. Every ingredient and material is native to the territory surrounding Marble house (its vegetable garden, forest or marble quarry), or the state of Vermont. We invited textile artist Owyn Marisol Ruck to design the performance costume with us. These woollen tapestries are made to hang a bouquet of mushrooms at the level of the heart (for the first ritual "Join").

To join in the forest
Roasted mushroom, maple syrup

To cleanse - in the garden
Mead cocktail (rosehip berries, pine needles, raspberry leaves, raw honey)

To thank - in the vegetable garden

Fresh ricotta and herbs, fire

To cast off - in the barn

Pork+apples cooked in a clay crust, marrow bone

To nest
Quail, rye, butter, sage, blue squash

To light the fire
Apple celery sorbet, maple liquor, beeswax bowls

To gather, finally

Pears infused with forest leaves and needles, hazelnut frangipane