culinary land exploration
with Tabulatopia collective : 
Marente Van Der Valk, and De Onkruidenier
at Art La Borie
Photo/video TabulaTopia

What does “local” mean ? How can a recipe, and the way we eat it, embody the territory from which it emerges?
The gardens at Art La Borie in the Limousin region of France include a jardin à la française, a “garden in motion” (Gilles Clément), a permaculture garden and a forest being rewilded. Exploring and gathering in these gardens, a series of recipes was created, each taking its source in 2m2 and each of them calling upon 5 or 6 edible plants. These recipes were tasted in situ, during a tour of the landscape.

The Day Lily spot
Day lily petal, fresh cheese made with lady bedstraw, barberry jelly, fresh barberry bays, fennel flower, yarrow leaf

The rejected club
Dolmas : salted nettle leaves, pickled thisle stems, roasted dandelions roots

Under a christmas tree
Stirfried fern shoots, sticky berries roasted and ground

The Meadow
Meadow sweet fermented tomato essence

The Forest
Mirabelle in tempura jacket, dried clover, nettles + wild carrot + hogweed jellyand fresh hazelnuts