culinary land exploration
with Tabulatopia collective : 
Marente Van Der Valk, and De Onkruidenier
at Art La Borie
Photo/video TabulaTopia

Tabulatopia collective have been invited for a weeklong residency late June in order to explore the four different gardens of Château de la Borie. La Borie’s gardens consist of the traditional jardin à la française, a jardin en mouvement to the philosophy of Gilles Clément, a permaculture garden and a forest garden currently undergoing a rewilding process. The results of our research and findings of our residency were shared during two edible exploration walks and a workshop.
During our stay we have focused on the hyper local and have prepared little tasters found in 2m² localities which were shared during these edible exploration walks. Some elements we have worked with were: dried clovers to become part of a tempura, toasted dandelion root as a slightly bittersweet garnish, fern tops served sauteed as base for a canapé and sticky weed seeds as a coffee-like dust to garnish another little edible garden taster. The plant narratives, the local experiences and recipes we produced during this week were captured in pictures and recipes.

The Day Lily spot
Day lily petal, fresh cheese made with lady bedstraw, barberry jelly, fresh barberry bays, fennel flower, yarrow leaf

The rejected club
Dolmas : salted nettle leaves, pickled thisle stems, roasted dandelions roots

Under a christmas tree
Stirfried fern shoots, sticky berries roasted and ground

The Meadow
Meadow sweet fermented tomato essence

The Forest
Mirabelle in tempura jacket, dried clover, nettles + wild carrot + hogweed jellyand fresh hazelnuts