Star of the day is the guest,
the host and the source

Performative dinner 
with Mazarine Paris
Photo/video Céline Pelcé,
Lucie Coudurier, Mazarine

The dinner was conceptualized under the influence of the Surrealism Mouvement, using the symbols of life and death—eggs, fire— absurd and theatrical elements, and exaggeration in the staging of every course.

Video : A decade of Sun, by NASA, in infinite loop
Beverage : blue lagoon tea + absinthe cocktail

The caught clouds
Absinthe, blue pea tea, lime snow whites, butternut

The mirage of its rays
Cured egg yolk, herb yogurt, fresh and roasted roots

Too close and it lights up

Langoustines, and crab flambéed with absinthe, fennel and hazelnut butter

Under a sweet dodger
Ash goat cheese, charcoal bread, black radish

The offerings trilogy
Exotic fruits and sorbets cream puffs pana cotta with herbs