interactive installation
with Marente Van der Valk (NL), De Onkruidenier (NL)
in Design museum, Gent, Belgium
curated by Siegried Demyttanaere
Photo/video Design museum Gent, Filip Dujardin

Created in reference to the Van Eyck’s altarpiece*, Re-table(au) questions our relationship to food, inspired by the edible plants depicted in the painting. Looking at it with a contemporary perspective, the installation echoes this imaginary garden, symbolizing two aspects of our current food system; blurred seasonality and locality. Centralized around the tentacular relation between food, time and space, the piece activates the perpetual movement of foodsystems.
The work emphasizes on being a colourful sensorial ecosystem activating the relation between plant, landscape and the body. The work contains printed textiles, ceramics and preserved flavours that are all sourced from plants and represent contemporary tools for ceremonial rituals, feeding our eater imagination.

*Lamb of God (1432)

photo Fruits preserved in beeswax
series of ceramic glazed with milk
plants painted in the altar piece, preserved in vinegar, oil and liquor
textile, printed with the same plants juice