André-Charles is a sugar
edible sculptures
with designer Dimitry Hlinka
and pastry chef Lukas Gamard
photo Mathias de Lattre
video Anthony Marques

Marquetry is the art of assembling materials of different colors,in order to draw a pattern. Employed for wall panels or furniture decoration, marquetry was a storyteller : social, symbolic, religious. It is one of the art crafts that has never been automatized or industrialized. André-Charles is a sugar — named after the French cabinetmaker André-Charles Boulle, observes production systems : it is the serial production of unique caramel panels produced with white industrially refined sugar, thanks to the technic of marquetry.

After the sculptures were exhibited and eaten during the Paris Food Art week, we turned the production into a performance.

2 colors caramel stele, 45x95cm
concrete blocks, or sugar bags
silicone molds
sugar, water, pan