Conversation with Mari
Edible Sculptures
with cheffe Mari Fujii (JP)
Galerie les Ateliers de Paris
Photo/video Anthony Marques

The installation symbolises a conversation between Japanese and French cultures. In collaboration with Zen cuisine cheffe Mari Fujii from Kamakura, Japan, the installation presented pairs of recipes, set on both sides of sanded mirrors. Eating food on one side of the mirror would both reflect ourselves and look on the other side of it.

The ingredients are chosen according to one of the Zen cuisine rule : a meal should contains at least five different colors.

Dark duo
red miso eggplants / black pudding risotto

White duo
onigiri / goat cheese

Brown duo
red miso mushrooms / rye bread

Gold duo
teryaki tofu / lemon cookies

Green duo
soja grilled peppers / candied rhubarb