Through the window
Participative installation
first presented in 2019
at Galerie Sept Elzévir, Paris 
Photo/video Céline Pelcé

Through the window questions the desire we have to capture a landscape, this "mental image", and the desire to keep it deep inside of us. Memory being a filter, hierarchizing images and accumulating them. The installation invites us to ingest the images, using the synaesthesia between sight and taste, by drinking the image’s reflection. Each ingestion is a unique experience, as it engages formal recognition and culture of every participant. 

Video: From Tokyo to Kyoto, 4’10” ©Céline Pelcé
Beverage : Hojicha Tea

Video: A decade of Sun, by NASA, in infinite loop
Beverage : blue lagoon tea + absinthe cocktail

wood box 120x65cmx4cm
ladle, cups
a video
a beverage