For a collective
food poetry.

Considering eating as a symbiotic and symbolic experience, Céline Pelcé addresses the food material as a landscape contextualized element, that embodies narratives, history and poetry of a place. To share her explorations, she creates site-responsive culinary experiences, in the form of collective meals, performances or edible installations. Conducting field work in different contexts, mainly nomadic for a few years in Europe, North America, and last year in Japan, she explores how the bodies, their gestures and related rituals can be the tools to a journey through the complexity of the places we live in, aiming for a sensorial understanding.

Coming from a background in both food and interior design, Céline Pelcé is a french food artist and designer. Her explorations take shape through numerous collaborations with designers, artisans, chefs, and artists, in order to cross mediums for a common narrative. She has notably worked with the design unit of Lab-Ah in a psychiatric hospital unit (FR), collaborated with the foodlab of the Jan Van Eyck Academy (NL) and Marente Van der Valk, and recently explored the rituals of the tea ceremony during her residency at Villa Kujoyama (JP) in 2021.

In order to share this research and ingest these stories, Pelcé creates collective eating situations: installations, performances, or dinners, taking place in narratives. The scenography, the objects and the guests are the protagonists of this narration. They are thought of as vehicles between the body and the food, in order to increase gestures, and to invite the participant to observe an intuitive, or even animalistic behaviour, by refocusing the role of the body in the tasting experience.


photo left En grattant la terre ©Rebekka Deubner
right ©Anthony Marques