For a collective
food poetry.

Edible materials and collective eating situations are means to question the relationships we have with our environment, the time, and their related habits.

I work as a food artist and designer. Navigating themes that intertwine humans, their food and their lifestyles, my research is rooted in the fields of agriculture, architecture, mythology, sociology ... Across these cultural dimensions lies the search for the spiritual relationship that societies had, or still have, with food. Very often this work results in collaboration; with chefs or pastry chefs, craftsmen, artists or designers with whom the dialogue allows pieces to cross disciplines and languages.

In order to share this research and ingest these stories, I create collective eating situations: installations, performances, or dinners, taking place in narratives. The scenography, the objects and the guests are the protagonists of this narration. They are thought of as vehicles between the body and the food, in order to increase gestures, and to invite the participant to observe an intuitive, or even animalistic behaviour, by refocusing the role of the body in the tasting experience.


photo left En grattant la terre ©Rebekka Deubner
right ©Anthony Marques