Le Festin imaginaire (Imaginary Feast)
workshop with 8 kids in Clichy sous Bois 
with L’Atelier de l’Ours
comissioned by Ateliers Medicis
photos Céline Pelcé

The forest, the woods, and by extension the plants, rocks and living beings that compose them, are figures of tales and mythology, both as a shelter and as a place of hostility. During this workshop, together with the kids, we invented an imaginary banquet intended to welcome human and forest guests (animals, forest spirits). We ventured into the latter by understanding to consider it as nourishing, sensitive and living ground.Halfway between land-art (in-situ creation) and the creation of a story, the children chose the location of the banquet in the forest, collected resources, made tools out of raw clay, wood and leaves, and wrote an imaginary menu, mixing edible food for humans and edible food for the forest. After the banquet, the clay vessels were left on site for the forest guests to show up after us, and after a few rain showers, to return to the ground.

Grilled rock with mayonnaise

Pan fried waffles with straw

Ketchup infused earthworm hearts

Small tree and fried acorn

Mackerel cooked on a bed of branches