edible sculptures
with Claire Boreau, florist
in exhibition “Jeunes marchands”
curated by Ateliers d’Art de France,
Sotheby’s, Paris, FR
Photo/video Anthony Marques

In Ancient Rome, the winter solstice celebrations were called the Saturnalia, and were at the same time a harvest celebration, an offering ceremony to Saturn, and a collective feast.
Presented on December 20th, 2018, these three sculptures were born from a dialog with the florist Claire Boreau (a.k.a Nue). They invite to a gesture of offering, and each of them present food linked to the sun. The sun as an icon, as a source of heat and as a source of light. A crown of golden biscuits, dried dates and fresh sprouts to be picked.

scultpures made of straw and wheat
sundried dates fresh Daïkon
radish sprouts
triangular parmesan biscuits