Outillage vernissage
performative dinner
with cheffe Virginie Galan
in Paris Design week
Galerie Les Ateliers de Paris
Photo/video Anthony Marques

The origin of “Vernissage” is the inauguration of an exhibition, when the painter puts the final coat on his or her works. “Vernis” in French means : coatings.
Is a gallery a place to eat ? An intimate dinner is set up in a Parisian galery to propose a “meta-vernissage”.  It is composed of a repetitive actions of coating the table and the ingredients.
Various sauces and juices go through a giant lacquer filter and run on a sloped table.

To revive
Dry salt crust, to scarp off with olive oil
fresh figs

To laquer
Beef carpaccio with eggyoak and soy sauce

To overlay
Fresh salmon cooked under hot beeswax, to be peeled

To soak
Baba brioche with prunes juice