L’eau à la bouche
Workshop in hospital
Commission Lab-ah (Lab for hospitality in Paris hospitals, psychatric and neurosciences units)
for the open call « Défi Carte Blanche » de la DITP (direction interministérielle pour la transformation publique)

Pilot site Psychiatric unit Pussin, Paris XVIIIe – GHU Paris psychiatrie et neurosciences
Conception team :
- Labah.ghu
- Flore Dallennes, de l’Atelier de l’Ours, landscape design
- Chloé Adelheim, designer and video maker
- workshop : Céline Pelcé
Photos ©Chloe Adelheim

 "L’eau à la bouche" is an exploratory research into the meal and appetite during a stay in a psychiatric hospital.
After a month of immersion and interviews with patients and healthcare professionals at the pilot site, we sought to move towards more sensoriality, rhythm and autonomy for hospitalized people. In addition to modifying the dining room, a workshop was orchestrated by culinary designer Céline Pelcé to support caregivers in the preparation of festive and spectacular snacks, with limited means.

Pick your island
Brioche, nuts, dates stuffed with peanut butter,raspberry jam, cottage cheese

Come on board
Rice cake, melon and watermelon balls, half an apricot, cottage cheese, mint, nuts and dates. Fresh herbs and fruits in water