Fulcrum 2
with Vicky Fischer
Lycée Vauban, Auxerre, France
Photo/video Annelise Ragno

We were obsessed by millefeuille, which can be defined as a stack of puff pastry sheets, layered with cream. As precise as it can be fashioned, its consumption is the more often a matter of ruin and chaos.

Our research aimed to face this chaos by provoking it and making it sensitive. By cooking large scale puff pastry which acted like builders, the performance exaggerated the senses—crackling sounds, buttery scents, long waiting.

The performance happened at the end of a 6-week residency in Auxerre, Fr, during which we focused on the fulcrum of puff pastry.

metal and concrete blocks structure
puff pastry panels (thin and thick ones)
diplomate cream
trowels and tray