Assemblage #1
Edible Scultpures
in The Family Bastille, Paris
with pastry chef Lukas Gamard
Photo/video Céline Pelcé

This series of edible sculptures is inspired as much by the figure of the totem pole as well as the architectural-pastry drawings of chef Antonin Carême. Depending on the objects, it is evoking the kern of rocks, the exoticism of candied ornaments, the decadence of an architecture overflowing with ambition... 

“Rock Ruins”
Roasted celeriac, tea eggs, cured garlic and mayonnaise

“Tourraine Tower”
Tower made of goat cheese, fruit paste, bread

“Fruity Fountain”
Cuiller biscuit, vanilla ganache, olives

“Adorned well”
Pana Cotta cardamome, meringues, candied fruits