A l’effigie de personne
with Elsa Barbillon
in exhibition “Roches”
Galerie Sept Elzevir, Paris
Photo/video Anthony Marques

A l’effigie de personne (in the effigy of nobody) is a ceremony shaped performance, an invitation to infuse the properties of rocks and their infinite relation to time.
While hearing some words and texts, ritualistic actions were performed to share a synesthetic experience between words, tastes and gestures.

Happening on a flour, sugar and charcoal surface

words of The myth of Sysiphus, Albert Camus
Islandic lichen infusion

words of The reading of Stones, Roger Caillois
Sugar rock infused with bayleaf oil

words of The reading of Stones, Roger Caillois
Lapsang Souchong, anis seeds, licorice, molasse infusion

words of Ovid’s Metamophosis
Soft tofu, enoki mushroom, caramel,
iced soy sauce